Procurement Excellence

Procurement strategy

We evaluate your company's procurement process, make development and optimization suggestions and fine tune it with the company's strategy. We review the current policies, workflows, and develop procurement categories. We establish strategic and operational procurement and help you to handle changes.

Organization set-up

We define the position of the procurement organization within the company. We help to develop centralized and decentralized procurement organizations. We prepare efficiency studies and set up action plans. We prepare the main scope of activities.

People management

We help you to choose the best specialists and professionals and develop qualification trainings. We take part in setting up the main competences and developing an appropriate motivation system.

Process supporting systems

We help you to find the most appropriate process supporting system and to plan and implement the whole process.

Coordination between procurement and business areas

We review the main procedures and competences. We define procurement's role in the innovation processes.

Logistics function

We prepare your company specific organization development plan. We help you with the optimal outsource of projects and functions. We implement the necessary supply chain management roles. We develop warehouse functions, necessary KPI system and help in defining crisis management tasks.


We work out company specific procurement and logistics guidelines and help putting them into practice. We develop and optimize procurement and logistics processes. We help in working out and auditing SOA/SOX compatible procedures and other quality assurance guidelines.

Other areas

We review terms and conditions of sustainability and integrate them into the procurement procedures. We work out you own procurement process and disaster plan, if needed. We work out company specific guidelines for social responsibility and procurement related internal communication plans.

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